Thursday, December 23, 2010

Twinges in my old age

Well the top of my right leg still aches a little from my expedition yesterday. I'm not saying it's old age and my generally unfit state; okay it is my old age and generally unfit state - hah no I've done that sort of mileage before with no problems. It was the combination of an uneven surface and the slipperiness that had my muscles tensioning in the wrong places.

Thought it would have gone by now, but hey ho that's the way it goes. The roads this morning are pretty clear; though not through any application of salt/grit by my reckoning. How can I tell? Well it's something to do with the fact that the roads are only clear where traffic drives whereas a heaping of salt would affect the entire width.

Interesting to note what line cars take when they can see neither lane markings or pavements - the first major corner on Mitton Street for instance is an education and I urge traffic engineers to go and look at the paths cut out by the cars before it melts. Have I said it's a tight corner - this is vindication. Not one single car naturally followed the line of the road they were all about a foot or two on the outer bend cutting into the inner curve. Same goes for the entrance to it from Worcester Road - no-one makes the corner as indicated.

Now recall this is the road that's going to get all the extra traffic to Tesco and is supposedly going to be narrowed and you can see why I think this is important. It's not going to be pretty.


Unknown said...

Hey There,

I am a visual guy, post some pictures. Reads like a great white Christmas.

Happy Holidays!

FlipC said...

Photos will be forthcoming, I've some shots of the frozen Severn to upload. Normally I'd upload them from my PS3, but since I've the new one I can't just plug in my card and it doesn't recognise the camera; and basically I couldn't be arsed to come into work just to pick up the card reader.