Monday, December 20, 2010

Saturday traffic

For various reasons I wanted to go into Kidderminster Saturday morning. It had just started snowing, but it was light. I set off and it got heavier; carefully through town; along the duel-carriageway and the flakes got larger; no more of them just bigger.

Now I set off early (ish) so imagine my surprise when I joined the queue just past the SVR bridge. Trundling through and I discovered why it existed - the Brinton Park lights were letting about two cars across at a time. Negotiated passage and down to the bus station island which was messy. No-one could see the lane markings so no-one knew where anyone was going. Slowly out and up the hill. Approaching the peak and I see cars on the other side of the divider one up on the side another behind it, gap, a stopped car, another stopped car, then another on the other side; over the hill and another in the other lane then two solid lanes of traffic.

"Um" I thought. "I have one more hill to climb and another to slide down to get to Crossley. Do I really need this stuff?" Sod this I'll nip into Morrisons which is a shorter hill down and then another up to get out.

Not many cars, but plenty of people and once again the machines were covered up so no need to pay (I have yet to do so since they came into 'operation'). Grabbed some stuff and was amazed at those dawdling around. At one point a couple pushing their trolley on the left stopped at the end of an aisle; left their trolley as is and walked around to the right to inspect the shelves. Me with a basket I just walked up the left and took their trolley. Wow some people can move fast :-) I didn't go far just past them to drop it to the right next to where it would have ended up had they been travelling up the right. Honestly some people.

Out of Morrisons and towards Green Street and the bus station island. Again do road planners even think about what they're doing - nasty short steep hill on a bend leading to the island. Skidded twice; until I got to the flat and came home, was overtaken on the duel-carriageway to Stourport. Sure if I was alone, maybe; but I was part of a well-spaced convoy that covered pretty much the entire length. Oh and no they weren't turning right at the top they pulled into the left further up.

Got home, put the car away and thought "okay that's it."

Lot's of exciting (:-P) snow pictures to upload though.


Chris said...

I've just read your story from 12000 miles away in Australia. Great job! - I was gripped to my seat! (especially the bit about the trolley in Morrisons!!).

- keep up the sterling work, - it makes you proud to be British!!

FlipC said...

Gosh I haven't induced multiple exclamation points in someone for oo ever :-)

I have to admit one small corner of me did wonder if I played it less obvious how far I could have gotten with their trolley before they noticed. Meh I'm too nice.

More importantly though how are you? How are things where you are; have you got caught up in all this flooding I've been hearing about?