Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Too many games

Okay Assassin's Creed Brotherhood was going cheap and I had a voucher satisfied :-P But that's it no more game buying for me - I've still got DLC in Fallout 3 to go through as well as a whole new neutral character to create. I've still got Fallout: New Vegas with a possible three runs there.

I've still got Medal of Honour and Frontline that came with it (damn you MoH) As well as Borderlands for sheer kicks; Prototype to finish once I can recall how to play the bloody game. I suppose I've got Oblivion to finish (it just got tedious, but I've made it more fun with my invisibility suit so I might just see how it ends now) and oddly Little Big Planet - sounds pitiful, but it got really hard and finicky in the later levels.

Sacred 2 - yeah just need an interrupted run there due to the stupid no pause no insta-save 'feature'. And I suppose there's some other games to tweak the trophies out of if I really want to (which come to think of it I'm not really that bothered about for most of them).

So what am I doing at the moment - playing Assassin's Creed 2 again. I only started it to get a save file (remember it's protected and so went poof along with my dead console) to see if AC:Brotherhood would use it - no it doesn't. But I thought "I'll just take it up to the bit where..." and then "Well I might as well get them out of Florence" [sigh]. Ah well I am 94% on the trophies so I might as well see if I can polish off Kleptomaniac, Fly Swatter (easy the pair of them) and No hitter(that's going to be hard) and thus receive the 'you've got them all' final trophy.

So anyway no more game buying for me... well until InFamous 2 and Bioshock: Infinite come out anyway :-)


walkerno5 said...

Give it up Flip, games are not for completing anymore. No one has time except for the kids!

FlipC said...

Oh I don't know an hour here an hour there; as I've said before - the problem comes when you have a gap or play something else in between and return to it. The lack of a separate tutorial system in almost every modern game means a lot of fumbling around upon return.

Then again I don't know if I ever will finish Sacred 2. Every time I see it on the shelf I think "Well I could play that, but if I start a quest and get interrupted my entire progress so far will be lost"

I mean AC2 won't allow insta-saves but it does split quests up into small batches and if you do pick up something along the way it'll save then so you won't lose it.