Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The fun with water

Yesterday I was told that the tap in the factory had frozen, the ones in the office were still working so they could fill up there; likewise the toilets were also fine. Just afterwards I discovered that the sink wasn't draining. Suspecting the same cause I added some boiling water and used a different sink. At which point I discovered a leak from the out pipe of that sink. Joy!

Hmm water in the other sink is coming out of the leak. Makes sense if it flows in that direction and the blockage is further along.

This morning same thing, however someone had left the tap running in the factory; it filled the sink which was also blocked and started coming out of our leak. Ah the water runs our way.

The guys bucketted the sink to stem the flow and it's down to a trickle. Tracing the route it flows to an outside pipe which I've just wrapped a hot towel around; let's see if that helps.

Oh and I am of course glad that's it's the outflow pipe and not the inflow one.

At the same time I decided to clear the front door entrance as I was getting fed-up of traipsing snow into the corridor during this to-ing and fro-ing and wanted somewhere to stamp my feet. All fun.


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