Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Interrupted Bliss

I was going to say how much I'm enjoying this Spring Bank break, the weather is keeping people indoors and as such my journey times around the area have been reduced to half or even a third of the normal duration.

That was until Central Networks decided to dig up the middle of Stourport and we get yet another three-way set of traffic lights put up. In this instance they're digging up opposing corners of the little island Bridge Street/York Street and High Street/New Street. As you might expect there's little signage up and yes once again coming from York Street you're faced with a sign telling you the right-hand side is closed that has been carefully positioned before the closed off portion on the left.

No parking cones have been put up on both sides of Bridge Street near the top, but they appear to have been moved out of the parking bays. As you may recall me mentioning before that due to stupidity/carelessness/meh although the road is just wide enough to accommodate three lanes here, anyone passing these bays is technically overtaking. Now have cars parking there and put the first traffic light one car length beyond the bays and you get problems with the larger vehicles encroaching heavily on the wrong side of the road and interfering with the traffic coming down due to the angle they're being forced to turn out due to the roadworks.

So how long is this going to last for? Well the temporary traffic light application form for May doesn't list them, the weekly list ran out on the 25th and they're not on the main Schedule of Works - ah good to see our County Council fully utilising the up-to-the-minute benefits of the interweb.

Hah I've just had my answer a colleague has just mentioned they were taken them down as he came through. Whether this is an evening moratorium or a complete removal I'll see in the morning.