Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Continuing Pavement Works

The lights were thankfully taken down for the Weekend and I slipped away from the Bratii to grab some photos (uploaded as and when) and it looks good, in and of itself. I'm still curious as to what's being done where they've abruptly finished especially as the river side and end is finished properly with a delineating row of bricks and the opposite end just stops. Rumours on decoration or non-slip surfaces float around, but as there seems to be no official plan available online who knows?

Anyway the lights went back up this morning, but so far only two-way, which will be interesting.

One for Dan H :-) from my perspective a cyclist on the pavement behind me to my right heading in the same direction as me stops to cross the road at the controlled crossing point, stops there for a moment doing something which turns out to be opening a can of drink. Holding on to one handle and trying to hold on to the other whilst gripping the can he wobbles diagonally away from the crossing towards me in the overtake position cuts through the cars to bounce up to the other pavement to cross the bridge. Remember this is the bridge with the iron tank buster kerbs which makes it more difficult for even pedestrians to pass each other.

Approaching the lights I'm forced to slow down as three children play hop on the road - first and third child hopped from pavement to the road and then back while the second alternated, they had their backs to the traffic and had their parent/guardian adult bringing up the rear watching them. What the hell is wrong with some people?