Monday, April 07, 2008

Bridge Street works ahoy

They've just set up the lights on Bridge Street and disabled the pedestrian crossing. The coned area covers the length of road from the crossing up to the corner of York Street on that side. It appears the other controlling set of lights is in York Street, which presumably indicates a three-way with another in New Street I'll know more later.

Anyway the good news is that feedback is already apparent with traffic from York Street leading back to Lion Hill, blocking off Mitton Street in the process, and back into High Street into which the traffic coming up Bridge Street is heading. Enough vehicles or some blockages in High Street and nobody will be able to move.

Of course Mitton Street is naturally jammed and this in turn will foul-up the OGL island and lead to a wonking great queue in Worcester Road. You'll get people from Minster Road trying to shortcut it via Lombard Street/Lickhill Road to Lion Hill or Moorhall Lane to New Street leading to queues down the narrow lane and blocking the relief valve that is Raven Street.

Hmm remind me of the Tesco documentation and the estimates of queue length for a set of lights on the mouth of Severn Road 3, 4, 7? I can't quite recall.

[Update - Yes it's a three-way set of lights, and I've just been asked "What the hell is going on?" it's half-four and the queue is apparently stretching from the OGL island past the Titton Cafe and around the corner. ]