Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Skyrim's Darklight Tower - the Repentance bug

I've just mentioned this but I thought it might be interesting just to show exactly what I did to screw this up and how Bethesda have handled the quests so poorly.

I was heading for Largashbur from Riften and ended up at Crystaldrift Cave. Carrying on in the right direction I found myself climbing a mountain and coming to the top of a tower in which I could see a figure moving. Firing an arrow away from them they revealed themselves as a enemy on the compass I killed them.

Skidding down the mountain to the tower top I then looted the body and found a door leading into the tower. I don't recall if it was locked, but either way I entered.

Creeping down the outer stairs I discovered two hags and a skeleton (I think) which were quickly taken care of. Further down one more hag. At which point another came running towards me. I was just about to perforate them when I noticed they weren't reacting in the standard 'enemy' fashion. Then we moved into dialogue mode.

"All right. Mother is just outside this door. I have a plan"
"Um what door, whose mother, who's mother, who are you." is what I wanted to say what I got the option for was "What's the plan?".
"I'll present you as the sacrifice. Just play along. While mother begins the ritual, I'll strike. Then, together we can... we can kill her"
"Kill her?" or as I wanted to ask "Say what?"
"I've thought this through, and it's the only way. She's too far gone, too corrupted by the Hags. At least in death she can be free again" "Enough let's go"
At which point I'm told I'm following the Repentance quest and Illia (for that's her name) runs off back up the tower. I follow.

Well hey at least it's clear of all the enem... what the hell. I now have more hags and frostbite spiders who have materialised in from who knows where. Illia just runs straight past them. I deal with them and find her at the door I entered the tower from in the first place.

Outside the tower I follow Illia to where I killed the first enemy.
"Greetings mother"
"I have found a willing subject for you. Payment has already been discussed of course"
A quest arrow pops up over a chair for no reason. I sit on it.

Illia now draws a dagger "I can't let you do this mother. You have to die now!"
Damn girl you are crazy. I get up quickly. She replaces her dagger and walks back to the tower.

I stop her "Yes can I help you"


Yep I'd already killed mother and rather than respawn her back in just as they obviously did with the enemies in the tower the story played out as if she was still alive. Until the point we were supposed to kill her at which the quest borks.


Orphi said...

Damn players ruining our non-interactive epic story with their silly interactions. ;-)

FlipC said...

Oh yeah the "I really wanted to work in movies" conceit :-)

Okay as I said it's a big game with a lot of interactions so yeah sometimes things can get a little screwy. I've opened a couple of bolted doors from the wrong side due to clipping bugs, but neither have buggered up the quests. I've shot an orc so hard he ended up going through a wall.

But these bugs are static. In order to complete the quest a specific task must be done. It shouldn't be that hard to check that the task is possible prior to handing out the quest, or resetting things to make it possible once it's been given.


Anonymous said...

there should be a skyrim bug shot-drinking game.it would trump all others, but you would have to say a random tho-um after each shot.

FlipC said...

"it would trump all others,"

Not a Fallout New Vegas bug shot-drinking game. Paralytic before the end of the tutorial :-)

Ankit said...

Got Stuck at the same spot. all you need to do it enter console by pressing '~' key and type

prid 0004B47C

this will bring back Illia's mother, Fight her and Illia will come to your help to finish the quest.

if it still doesn't work
use the following command

SetStage dunDarklightQST 40

that'll be just finishing the quest without dealing with anything.Hope that Helps :)

FlipC said...

A bonus for PC users; not so useful for a console :-)

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to post my own thanks to Ankit for the code solution of respawning Silvia; I went through the level proper and it still glitched and wouldn't complete.Dunno what happened. This was the first time I'd seen Skyrim glitch so badly.

That did the trick though.

Whoever coded that part of the game must've been low on sleep that day or something. :)

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I too climbed with my horse over the top of the mountain, led by an undiscovered marker, found the mother hag Silvia and killed her. Then progressed down triggered the now incomplete Repentance quest by talking to daughter Illia in which we must kill her now dead mother. So either I go back to a save from 2 days ago or have it forever incomplete on PS3.
It would have been better to make the top area unreachable by mountain climbing or have mother Silvia unkillable till daughter has spoken to her.
I’m 4 years late with this comment. Oh well. Needed to rant.

Unknown said...

I'm having the same issue with this mission. I tried reanimating the mother but it says she's too powerful to be revived. I'm playing on 360.

Unknown said...

Illia is an awesome follower if you're able to complete the repentance quest :)

Anonymous said...

Just want to add that if you use

SetStage dunDarklightQST 30

You can have your fight.