Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Chepstow Castle pictures

The rain eased up so I managed to at least get around Chepstow Castle. £4 admission even with nothing going on, but it is quite large.

That's just the first bailey. Through the gate into the old kitchens and wind down to the old wine cellar with balconies used to haul up goods from the boats which give a good view of the third bailey.

The wine cellar itself is dark and small, but possesses an interesting ceiling
Back up and into the Great Hall now open and grassed and up some modern steps to a room they've re-decorated.
Out and to the other side of the bailey and up the tower where it still boasts some wall statues. Which you obviously can't see the other side of, and more views overlooking the river.
Down the narrow spiral staircase
Across to the second bailey which was mostly just an open courtyard with a walk along the walls. Into the third bailey with another big hall.
Along with some of the archway added on by later renovators and some of the original decoration.
Some more spiral stairs and into what was believed to be the Lady's room; where she could sit and sew etc.
It afforded a good view back towards the second bailey area.
So at least the rain held off while I was up there. Probably a lot busier during the normal tourist season (and when the weather is better) but is was nice to be able to wander around without the crowds.