Friday, August 19, 2011

York Street an appeal for photographs

Last year I made mention of the single white arrow that had appeared in York Street which I found odd given that York Street is two lanes. I'd been fed up of the lack of action here so enough was enough and I called the Worcestershire Hub. The conversation at the time went like this:

"My understanding is that it's a filter"
"Which means it's two lanes"
"Well they filter"
"So who has priority Lion Hill or Lichfield Street/Mart Lane? If it's one lane you need a priority, if it's two lanes it needs to be marked as such.
"My understanding is there's limited parking on the left"
"Yes but for the majority of the road it's wide enough for two lanes as it's always been except at the entrance and that's only because a parking bay was moved from the created entrance to the new blocks of flats and moves, incorrectly in my opinion, nearer to the entrances."

This went on until I asked
"In the same case who has priority in High Street?"
"There's an island there"
"No. Bridge Street traffic goes straight over the island, but York Street traffic turns right by-passing the island. Is High Street two lanes or one?"

An engineer was going to get back to me. Fast forward to the present and I've contacted them again and amazingly got pretty much exactly the same response namely "It's a filter". However something new was added. I pointed out that York Street once had a lane divider marking that was worn out and never repainted; likewise a cross-hatching at the Lion Hill splitter. The response was "I have no evidence of that"

So that's what I want. Does anyone reading this have any photographs of York Street or of this splitter with markings. My guess we're looking at late 90's early 00's.

[Update - my father's stated there's a load on the I/We Love Stourport Facebook page so I'll check that out when I get the chance]