Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Millfields estate repair work

As mentioned the three builders were set to repair their own areas of the Millfields estate though not at the same time as originally planned due to council interference. It does however get better (hah) in that in at least one case the work has been subdivided up into sections.

The rough situation is that Builder A does work in Section 1, Builder B then does work in Section 2 then Builder A works in Section 3.

Other than causing a huge amount of disruption in that each contractor has to deliver, remove and store equipment multiple times; the biggest joke is that the first section that is being worked on is/was the main entrance that every other contractor will have to drive through and over to reach their own section.

To emphasise they're repairing and resurfacing a road and then driving all the heavy machinery over it.

Makes you want to cry.


walkerno5 said...

There is no reason why the three builders couldn't have just appointed one subcontractor to undertake the work and each pay 1/3rd. It would have saved everyone a lot of hassle.

FlipC said...

I'm betting they each have their own preferred contractors and are either tied to contracts or get a preferential price for long term work.