Monday, August 02, 2010

Sherlock failed to record

So the BBC's new Sunday evening uber programme Sherlock that was on at 9pm last Sunday and this Sunday last at 8:30pm (because consistency is for the weak) failed to record on my Humax last night despite recording flawlessly last week and being on the series link so to record every episode.

The only reason I found out was by getting a call ten minutes from my parents asking if mine was recording; a pause of the blu-ray I was watching and no it bloody well wasn't. So I started it manually. Looking on the forums it seems if I'd left it, it might have started up five minutes later.

So either the Hummy got confused with it starting earlier (and I note the EPG had it listed perfectly) or the start signal didn't get sent via broadcast, or possibly some mad combination of both.

[Update 3/8: From the DigitalSpy forums this has also been reported on an Alba, a Panasonic and a Hitachi recorder all starting 20 minutes late. It's the BBC]

Ah well at least as this is a major programme I can catch the repeat that's broadcast never! Yep there's a repeat on BBC HD and that's it; forget it's on, screw up the recording, or just have some technical problem and that's it tough.

At least I have iPlayer though that puts me at the whim of my broadband speed and the BBC; might just watch it on that until I hit the point I started recording then switch.

[and the reply]