Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Oo more traffic lights

I saw them setting them up yesterday and they were up this morning on Worcester Road, now I see this playing out in one of three ways

  1. The traffic queues both sides and goes through smoothly.
  2. The traffic builds up from the lights to the island, Hartlebury Road gets trapped and Gilgal builds up, amusingly the Worcester Road traffic now flows with more ease.
  3. The traffic builds up from the island to the lights, overflows across the lights blocking the traffic from the island; which then traps Hartlebury Road, which lets the Worcester Road traffic out, which frees the blockage until it happens again.
Ah well we'll just have to wait and see.


Don B said...

Current traffic lights that you have not yet mentioned.

The traffic lights on the Severn-Trent roadworks are slowly working their way up Lickhill Road. They have just about reached the tennis courts in the park. The trouble is they keep braking down - well at least the one at the northern end does. Twice I have had to wait for several sequences to check that they really did fail to go green whilst those at the High Street end have gone through two complete cycles.

Today I noticed that new yellow marks have appeared on the road at the junction with Park Road and Moorhall Drive. It was only last week that they put the road back, at this point, from their previous roadworks.

And just to add to the fun the main water main has sprung a major leak, on Lower Lickhil Road, opposite The Swan car park

FlipC said...

Thanks for that Don, with faults like that you need to contact WFDC (but how many people have their number to hand) it'll then get logged and if it happens too often punishments can be meted out.

Trouble is there ain't many people on staff to do the checking and of course it's Severn Trent Water contracting [Balfour] contracting [Lux]