Friday, July 06, 2007

Lousy night, a lousy advert, and the Simpsons

So stuck in a queue watching my petrol gauge and wondering if my low-fuel light had bust. Of course it's raining and everyone seems to have forgotten how to drive. Sure drive a bit slower, leave a longer gap; but don't get overtaken by snails or leave a strip long enough for a 747 to land in.

Anyway the light flickered so I know it's working and how much I've got left; plenty to get to a station a bit later.

Keeping an eye out for a phone call I get one I'm not expecting -

"We've got the transport sorted out to pick up the stuff, but we could do with a hand loading it"
"Tomorrow" bear in mind this is eight o'clock at night
"Ookay what time?
"Can you get an hour off after lunch"
"Or before lunch... or it might be during lunch we're not quite sure yet"
"I can let you know about eleven tomorrow"

Wonderful, thanks for that level of notice.

Then cleaning my glasses the right nose support splits in two, luckily they're still wearable, and I've got a spare pair; so that's another job for Saturday on the list.

Caught the latest advert from Curry's where they're making a big fuss about how they'll delivery, install, and remove and recycle your old white goods for free. Wow so Curry's are doing what every smaller retailer has down since time immemorial, but they'll also be picking up and recycling your old goods too. How nice and it's not even as if they're obliged by law to do that. I'm debating whether to contact the ASA about misleading customers into believing this is some sort of special service.

So Channel 4 have come full circle and we're back to showing first season Simpsons at 6pm weekdays. Except on Sunday we get two 'new' episodes starting at 3:50pm. So we appear to be cycling seasons 1-8 on weekdays, but are being shown season 14 on Sundays. Okay that makes so much sense.