Monday, April 16, 2007

Shameful x2, and a green-fingered question.

I succumbed to the dark side, I consulted a game guide for <sob> Lego Star Wars II. Yep the game designed for 3 year-old's and upwards. Well it was driving me mad; I could see one of the optional collectibles, I could see a duct leading to it, and I'd found the start duct. All I needed was a 'small' character to crawl through it. None available in Story mode, but selectable in Free Play. I chose a Jawa (which I'd used for duct-work before), stood in front of it and hit the correct key - nothing; I switched to an Ewok - nothing. I tried shooting the duct entrance, light-saber'ing it, 'force'-ing it, throwing a grenade at it, and in final desperation using the electric spark droid deactivator on it. All nothing. Hence the resort to a guide; their solution - "Use a small character". Thanks, thanks a lot.

Driving over the bridge I noted the influx of vehicles on the main riverside meadow, presumably for the circus? Talking to someone I know had crossed on foot I asked if she's seen it. "You mean where they're digging?", "?", "Next to the pool where they've put the concrete slabs down for the skate-park"

Hold on a second, as far as I know the town council still doesn't think it should be there, there's been little public consultation about where it goes, and we've only heard of one design for it; and they're putting the slabs down! Can we see the alternative designs from all the other companies that have been contacted please.

Seeing as my knowledge of that which is green cannot by any means be called extensive, does anyone know the name of this flowering bush according to Invisible/Orchid who took the picture it has a bitter scent. I'm looking to you Suzie ;-)


Tavis Pitt said...

Oh, I forgot to mention (or should that be blog) when I went on the site visit tour with Stourport Town Council (3 April 2007) someone had painted lines in yellow spray paint of the border of the skate park.

If I was a bit more organised I could have presented a report of our finding (ie. middle-aged-shred) to the council, but the meeting was tonight (16 April 2007).


FlipC said...

Out of curiosity did it get mentioned by anyone there? If I get chance I'll pop down tonight and get some photos.

Meeting last night? I thought the next one was the Parish Forum tonight followed by the Cabinet Scrutiny Committee on Thursday.

Tavis Pitt said...

Sorry it took so long to respond.
When we (the council and I) walked past the 'chosen' site of the skate park I overheard some councillors talking about it, however, I was talking to Cllr. David Little about Tesco.
I did ask about the skatepark with Cllr. Jones, but no sensational bit of information came out of it.