Wednesday, April 25, 2007


So just after commenting on the town plans, I bump into someone who promises to get hold of them for me in digital form. Apparently they should be on view at the Civic Centre and Duke House - ah the march of progress continues abated.

My source didn't express surprise that they weren't available on-line, but did seem surprised that nothing about them in any form could be found, being under the impression that links to various initiatives were on the District Council site; perhaps another case of left hand - right hand.

I also gleaned some interesting info about the skate-park, the semi-mysterious Stourport Forward group looked into a skate-park for Stourport 4 years ago, and did all the grunt work location-wise. Lickhill and the Walshes are out for the territoriality reasons I've already mentioned. The Leisure Centre car-park is out, not (just) because of the needed change in designation; but because it was a requirement of the original planning permission for the Centre. Change it and they'll be breaching the planning regs.

So why not the other bit of riverside, well visibility was one thing mentioned, apparently there's a camera going up at the top of Bridge Street that will be able to see it, though I wonder how well it'll do in the dark at that sort of distance. Mentioned was the fact that the site I proposed is used for the extra toilets when the carnival is down, though I deem that barely a reason. Another was that it was short-listed as the site for the Farmer's Market, which was a good reason before it was nailed down to Raven Street prior to building work actually starting.

So it appears the pool site was chosen not necessarily for it's outstanding qualifications, but perhaps more due to complications with the other sites available. Wonderful!

As for the design two have been mentioned and the one going ahead is the one the kids picked themselves. Although that seems fair without seeing what they had to choose from it might be a case of picking to eat either the honeyed locust or the plain one.

I still have difficulty with a design that has a ramp and a grind bar aimed at the only entrance path.


Tavis Pitt said...

I believe the 'Bridge Street Enhancement' project was next after the 'Bridge Refurbishment' which is all part of the 'Stourport Pride' project.

FlipC said...

Thanks, no wonder I couldn't find it under latest news - 11th July 2006! I thought they were talking about something new, not the old "pridefull.pdf" document. I wonder what's being held up in the photograph though and why since the discussions regarding this were all held last year it's being reopened for debate?

Not that I'm complaining, just curious.

Tavis Pitt said...

Why would a senior (his word, not mine) Tory councillor be promoting old news a week before 3 May? I wonder...