Friday, May 04, 2012

Wyre Forest Conservatives NOCed down

From a controlling majority of 24 out of 42 the Conservatives making up the District Council have been dropped to 20. Still the majority party, but it's no longer the case that a Conservative Press Release automatically equals council policy.

Three of the wards have returned to the same party split as 2004 (Habberley & Blakebrook, Mitton, and Wribbenhall) after a few shifts in power between times.

Looking at the patterns since 2004 of those wards with more than one seat and thus have a greater chance of change I note that Lickhill remains ICHC; Offmore & Comberton Liberal; and Sutton Park Conservative.

Turnout was the lowest since 2004 and yet still only two councillors managed an overall majority:

Brian Glass, Lickhill, ICHC, 52.89%;
Douglas Godwin, Rock Conservative, 58.09%.

Which means that from our current crop of 42 councillors only 6 were elected with greater than 50% of the turnout:

Christopher Nicholls, Cookley, Labour, 55.46%, 2011;
John Hart, Wolverley, Conservative, 60.63%, 2011;
Pauline Haywood, Blakedown & Chaddesley, 66.87%, 2010;
Stephen William, Blakedown & Chaddesley, Conservative, 78.58%, 2011.

Currently the lowest 'winners' are:

Adrian Sewell, Broadwaters, Labour, 28.74%, 2011;
Nathan Desmond, Oldington & Foley Park, Conservative, 30.53%, 2012;
Graham Ballinger, Greenhill, ICHC, 32.12%, 2012;
Paul Harrison, Greenhill, Conservative, 32.85%, 2011;
Nicky Gale, Oldington & Foley Park, Conservative, 33.13%, 2010;
Nigel Knowles, Franche, Labour, 34.24%, 2012.

The electorates for 2012 have yet to be released (and given the shoddy nature of disclosure may not be) however using the turnout percentages to gain a rough idea the lowest are:

Nathan Desmond, Oldington & Foley Park, Conservative, 6.9%, 2012;
Graham Ballinger, Greenhill, ICHC, 8.2%, 2012;
Adrian Sewell, Broadwaters, Labour, 10.1%, 2011;
Mary Rayner,  Broadwaters, ICHC, 10.39%, 2012;
Nigel Knowles, Franche, Labour, 10.7%, 2012.
Marcus Hart, Sutton Park, Conservative , 11.14%; 2012

Currently 29 of the 42 councillors are representing less than 25% of their electorate.Only one councillor, Pauline Haywood, achieved over 50% (51.12%) of the electorate.