Thursday, May 03, 2012

Bridge Street traffic

Not content with messing up Mitton while testing the new lights; this morning traffic lights had been set up just next to the pelican crossing close to Harold Davies Drive on the bridge. According to the schedule of works this is Severn Trent Water renewing a stop-tap.

I mean sure, lights need to be put up. But they put them up and activated them around the 8:15 mark and by the time I reached them around the 8:50 mark no-one was doing any work.

So a set of lights put up during the morning rush hour on the only road into and out of Stourport in order to protect a non-existent work force.

Yet another mark of privatisation because, of course, the people putting up the lights work for a completely different company to those doing the work. So the first group are just told to turn up and place things ready for the second group; who may be having difficulty in reaching the area due to the queuing being caused by the actions of the first group.