Thursday, May 03, 2012

Local voting

Today is voting day for Wyre Forest and I'm glad I didn't try to do it this morning as I'd have been even later than I was (thank you Severn Trent Water); my vote is my vote and I'm not going to give out details; however in an unrelated article on the Shuttle WalkerNo5 made the comment regarding the removal of Cllr Marcus Hart from the Sutton Park posse ward. Now while I personally would applaud such a sentiment; the questionfor the electorate really is "What is best for Sutton Park?".

As it stands the Conservatives currently dominate and sadly that's unlikely to change any time soon (I'm prepared to be pleasantly surprised) as such if the people of Sutton Park want to have any real influence over events that means voting Conservative. On it's own not really a good enough reason; after all by that logic we should all vote Conservative. However in the case of Sutton Park Marcus is also a member of the cabinet which means they gain even more influence. It gets better as all three Sutton Park members are on the five strong cabinet; therefore even if they had a choice of a different Conservative member standing as well as Marcus it would still be in their own interests to vote for Marcus unless they knew their new Cllr would ascend to those ranks.

Sure one could take an altruistic approach and ask what is best for the district; but that only works if everyone thinks the same way lest you be left out in the cold.

As such, as much as it pains me to say so, it's in Sutton Park's own interests to maintain the status quo and their own disproportionate power within the District Council; and that means voting for Marcus [sigh]