Monday, May 21, 2012

Memory reception mode - waiting for report output

Finally got the computer fax working after some tweaks to the registry and so could retire the Canon from its temporary duties. To save both ink and paper I'd set it not to output any reports or faxes except manually. Lo and behold when I come to switch the fax part off the LCD screen alternates between "Memory reception mode" and "Waiting for report output".

Shouldn't be any faxes and pressing "Menu" and "Memory reference" confirms that. I move to "Print reports/lists" which is the obvious location. I select "Activity report" and out it pops. Back to the main screen and it's still complaining. This time I print a "Memory List" report... still complaining.

I turn it off, wait and turn it back on. Still complaining.

I head into the settings and switch from the empty rear paper feed to the Auto select which should come from the full cassette- nothing prints. Back into the settings and change the Activity report to automatically print - nothing. Into the TX settings and confirm it as printing "on error online" - bam out spits a report.

So here's the deal - if you try to send a fax and it fails the printer will try to print an error report; however if it runs out of paper it will simply warn you that there's a report waiting. Fine except adding paper doesn't print it out. Pressing the cancel button doesn't cancel it and pressing either print button doesn't print it. There's no indication of what type of report is waiting and, in this case, no manual way of printing it out from the obvious report menu section.

Some excellent testing demonstrated there.