Thursday, May 24, 2012

DVD/Blu-ray Movie Storage Drawer

I've got a lot of films; as it stands they're stacked on shelves. In order to save room and make use of the depth I have it would make sense to store them in drawers. Stack them up in their plastic boxes with the spines upwards in multiple drawer stacks. I already have a set of CD drawers and checking the depth I could fit around 20 into each of those if they were wide enough, which they're not. So I just want the DVD equivalent of what I've already got - how hard can that be?

Wow - there's nothing and I really mean nothing in that range at all. I can find bins and boxes by the shovel load, but drawers not a sign. Oh okay I can find some CD/DVD drawers but they're for 'naked' discs not plastic cased ones. I can also find semi-bespoke cabinets, but I don't want a one-piece set just a single drawer that I can stack or move with other such drawers. Hell I can even find the racks to go in normal drawers, what I can't find is just some damn simple drawers with them already in.

Am I seriously expected to believe that there's no-one making cheap simple plastic stackable drawers that'll hold movie cases? If anyone finds any drop me a line in the comments.