Thursday, May 10, 2012

Monday fun with the Bratii

On the Bank Holiday I took the Bratii down into town and the fair. Minor had been showing off a ticket in which he'd almost won a prize for shooting and was thus eager to show off his skills. Down the spiral staircase, under the bridge and past a couple of stalls with low-hanging goods

"Duck" I said as I ducked under the hangings.
"Duck" I repeated at the other end.
"Duck" I said pointing to a duck in the Engine basin... well Major laughed.

A few new rides and all accessible through tokens; we headed into the arcade section and wandered through. Minor wanted to play a Terminator shooting game; but I pointed out you got nothing for doing so compared to the other shooting game which would furnish you with tickets; said tickets being redeemable for a prize.

"Can I have a go?" he asked
"Have you got any money on you" I replied (as I've done several times in the past)
"I've got some at home"
"Do you want to see if that works on the machines"
"Well you could pay and then I could pay you back"

Ten shots, one ticket per 10 points with (it appears) targets giving 10 points per hit. 90 points 9 tickets. We continue on and see a couple of girls reeling up a stack of tickets; I indicate and turn to Minor "Now that's a few tickets"

The girls look up and grin at me and I ask them how they acquired so many. They point to a pinball-type machine. Pull the plunger to send a ball-bearing into one of several rotating holes and win tickets. Much more available and he acquires another 18 bringing his total to 27

Cost so far £2

We find the stall offering ticket exchange for prizes and the minimum number required appears to be 50 for a cheap badge. I check the tickets and there appears to be no expiry date on them so I tell Minor to keep them and try to get some more next time.

There's a helter-skelter, but Minor's more interested in the dodgems. 5 tokens per car; thus 10 for the pair of us. Minor asks why they use tokens
"So you don't know how much you're spending"
We walk past a token-issuing machine and it's 10 tokens for £5. Minor works out the price in his head and declares "That's expensive".

Passing a food stall I check the prices. £2.50 for a hot dog; Major states that the drinks aren't a bad price. I lead them into town. Cross at the crossing and back down to the takeaways. "The Happy Sole" a Jumbo Hot Dog for £1.50; that's more like it.

"Three jumbo hot dogs at £1.50 is...?"
"£4.50" replies Major
"£4.50" echoes Minor

I order three, but Minor wants a Slushie instead; sheesh it's slightly wet and miserable and he wants some flavoured ice? Still £4.50.

Cost so far £6:50

Down and through Cooper's Lane trying to eat a hot dog with ketchup and mustard contained in cheap paper wrapping without too much of a mess. Past where the toilet block used to be and on to the first set of children's rides.

Minor jumps into the spinning chair and I remind him about throwing his legs out and back in to increase his speed via the conservation of (angular) momentum.

Bored with this Minor runs off to the second set while Major and I saunter after him. I've finished my hot dog and dispose of the wrapper, but still a little messy from the condiments. Oh yes of course there aren't any toilets around. As mentioned the ones in Cooper's Lane are gone; there's a SuperLoo in Raven Street which would mean walking back towards town and another set at the far end of all the attractions through a car-park.  I find and use a clean puddle.

The second playground features another spinning device this one you stay upright and hold on. I add my mass to it and push it around and we try to pull ourselves into the centre. We all get very dizzy.

Minor wants to play on the crazy golf but we pass yet more shooting galleries. Yet again tokens required; 2 for £1. Minor has a go on the one that shoots water back at you. I join in the fun then the pair of them. Some of the rifles are most decidedly not working. My first go I hit everything I aimed at. With a different rifle; barely a sausage. Some of the targets that are supposed to squirt water don't and it appears the gallery works in serial rather than parallel so each target takes it in turns to activate. As a result you can shoot and hit something and not have it activate, and thus try to hit it again and waste shots. Might try the other one next time.

£3 spend. Total cost £9.50.

Back up the spiral and home again.

2 kids, 2 hours, less than a tenner spent on amusing them; difficult to beat.