Friday, September 16, 2011

New Office computer

Busy setting up a new computer to replace a slow and steadily unreliable one in the office. Went with a provider so it was all tricked out and ready to roll (for the most part). When specifying things I pointed out the DVI monitor we currently had and thus wouldn't require another; I also asked specifically to check that Windows 7 comes with a program that will receive faxes as that's a function of the old machine (saves on paper to receive them that way).

Went to plug everything in and hmm. Phone call - "Where's the DVI output?" "Oh did it not come with one, I'll check on that and get back to you"

Luckily the monitor comes with a VGA input too so I dug out an old cable so at least I could progress. I set things up; copied files across from the old machine swearing as it started to conk out. Then finally thought "I might as well see how the fax programme works on Windows 7" Phone Call - "Where's the modem output?" "Oh it doesn't come with one"
"But I specifically stated that the old machine that we were replacing received faxes"
"Yes so you've a card in the old machine"
"Yes but that's not going to be any use once we remove the old machine (given the change in size and slot types between the two"



Orphi said...

“Where's my service?”

“Oh, I'm sorry, you were expecting us to provide a service to you? Generally we just rip stupid people off for lots of money and make sure they can't return the goods once they realise what a bunch of conn artists we are. I can understand your frustration. Have a nice day!”

Seriously, you have to wonder sometimes…