Friday, September 30, 2011

A Windows 7 annoyance

Having been inducted into the ranks I can say with regard to Windows 7 that... I don't like it. The quick launch bar that was a part of XP and Vista is now the entire taskbar; thus any open programmes only show up as an icon. Have more than one window for a programme open and it gets grouped under that programme meaning it's two clicks away rather than one. Have a spreadsheet that you use a lot - sorry you can't add it to the toolbar try and it'll add the programme instead. To get to the file itself requires right-clicking the programme icon then selecting the file; that is assuming it's displayed. Oh and as with the switch from XP to Vista they've yet again decided to move/hide things.

Okay the annoyance - Let's say I have a 1.5Gb file on a Win7 machine that is backed up to a 2Gb USB stick. I make some changes to the file on the machine and then plug in the stick to back it up i.e. overwrite the existing file with the new one. I drag the file over and get a message telling me there's not enough space on the drive. Now sure if I was trying to keep the old one and add the new one there's not enough space; but I'm not. I'm trying to overwrite the damn thing and rather than ask it just flat out tells me it can't do it.

Seriously, I have no option to overwrite the file unless there's enough drive space to store it on its own.