Thursday, September 08, 2011

Retune aftermath

The manual retuning went off without a hitch; although the Guide for BBC1 seems to be much slower at populating now. One annoyance I'd thought I solved was ghost channels. I checked the lists and there they were in the 800 range; what were they doing there? Then it clicked.

All the BBC channels have been moved to a new multiplex (in my case 43 from 41)  however those that weren't on the old one haven't been removed. So those BBC stations on Multiplex B such as BBC4 are on the same old multiplex as well as the new one. Fortunately Multiplex B is on 51 so I tuned 43 in first and they fitted into their correct slots before the others.

Now onwards to the 21st when I have to do this all over again.

[Update - It seems the Humax 9200T (and some others) has difficulty in supporting both 8k and 2k modes simultaneously. As the old system uses 2k and the new 8k and we're halfway between that's an "uh-oh" moment. Though there is a solution - delete all the channels and manually tune them in. Which I found ironic as that's what I did anyway]