Friday, September 23, 2011

OnLive falling at the first hurdle

As mentioned OnLive now has a UK setup. Hit the Sign Up Free button and you're asked for an email address, a password, a player tag and date of birth. Fill that in and hit Finish and you get to sign in... or not "Your login credentials are not valid".

Did I type my password incorrectly? I go for a password reset, enter my email and the botcheck text and it quite happily emails me a link to a reset page. I try a password and head back to signing in. "Your login credentials are not valid" Okay it's not me then time to check out the support pages.

Nothing there about login failure I'll "Ask a Question" instead. Except I can't as I need to login first. "Live Chat" then. Oh good I don't need to login first. "There are no agents available to chat with you right now. Please try again later." Okay at least I get the option to "Request Email Response"... which asks me to login.


Another Password Reset later and I think I discover the problem - despite stating they're allowed it doesn't like spaces in passwords.*

Huzzah I'm... not in "The OnLive Game Service is currently full. You will be connected as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience"

Ah I'm in. Easy navigation and spectating is simple. Marketplace is currently offline so I can't search for a game, just pick one that's already being played. Hmm I won't do that yet I'll wait until it's settled down a bit first.

*and back out again. It seems there's a login limit and it's being overloaded.


Corwii said...

I've gotten this problem too. I was able to contact someone through the Onlive chat and was told it's an issue that the Engineers are looking into. I'm not able to log in at all and trying the forgot password thing tells me the account isn't there. I know it is cause I bought the $9.99 service and bought 2 full pass games and was playing last night. But not today I guess, can't log in...

FlipC said...

I haven't been back to it. Should my broadband speeds improve to what they apparently should be I may return.

Interesting though that you say this almost a year after the UK launch and hasn't it been longer in the States?

Not boding well.