Thursday, September 29, 2011

More roadworks

Those travelling through Stourport may have spotted the new yellow signs informing them that they'll be major roadworks going on in Mitton Street/Severn Road. As per usual they don't bother to inform anyone of what form they'll take or what they'll cover.

According to the temporary traffic light report such will be implemented for the Tesco S278 work from the 03/10/2011 until 05/04/2012. Now hopefully this is like the lane closure on Vale Road in that they'll only be implemented occasionally because a set of lights there for five months could grind the town to a halt.

Again for those curious the S278 can be defined as

an agreement made between a developer and a Highway Authority to enable works to be carried out on the public highway to facilitate development.
Which still doesn't exactly tell us what's going on there. Is it just work on Severn Road or is the rumoured road narrowing of Mitton Street taking place? Judging by the plans I'd expect this to be work on Severn Road and the construction of a splitter triangle at its entrance., but hey it could be anything.