Friday, April 01, 2011

A studio's vision

What is it that would cause a studio to buy the rights to something and then say "Wouldn't this be much better if we removed all the things that made this copyright recognisable and replaced it with something else?"?

Imagine if Warner Brothers had bought the Harry Potter rights and then said "I'm not sure about all this magic and it seems a bit too British. What if we set it in America and made it about training young kids to be cops? What's Steve Guttenberg doing these days?" -

"You're a cop Harry and a thumping good one to I'd wager considering your parents"
"But I can't be a cop Steve"
"Oh no has anything ever strange happened to you that you just can't explain?"
"Well there was that time I tackled that kid who was shoplifting"
"There you go then"

Quite mad who would do something that bizarre? Why hello Warner Brothers is that a shiny Akira licence you're holding in your hand? Would that be the quintessentially Japanese anime that you're turning into a live-action movie set in New York with all the main character being recast as white westerners? It is; are you insane?

Who's that with you? Oh hello Walt Disney Company what's that you've got there? Oo is that the rights to Agatha Christie's Miss Marple character? You know the one she created specifically to prevent adaptations of her work from removing or youthifying the elderly characters she used. Who are you going to get to play the frail octogenarian? Thirty-eight year old Jennifer Garner; well gosh that makes sense.


Anonymous said...

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walkerno5 said...

...lost it at "I am dead". You'd have thought she'd have mentioned that sooner. Quality.

FlipC said...

Sometimes I just have to leave these comments up.

I just love this stick and carrot approach - Don't copy it and she'll kill me, copy it and something good will happen; because death just isn't that good an incentive :-P

walkerno5 said...

It certainly hasn't stopped her coming here and posting. I suppose for many people, as long as you can still get on the internet, death wouldn't interfere with their lives too much, therefore needing an added incentive!