Friday, November 20, 2009

Munchkin Quest Mats

Had five minutes spare during lunch so I knocked out some guide mats

Two slots for the backpack, Helm, Armour, Footwear. Two slots each for Race and Profession. Then some space for the movement counters, health and gold, icon reminders and phase order. Should keep things tidy.

[Update - Got the sizes wrong. Redone and now most fits onto one sheet]


Anonymous said...

What about hands for weapons?

FlipC said...

I did consider that and may reduce the Belt of Holding and Feet etc boxes to fit. Hassle rears its ugly head if you use a cheat card to allow you to wield an extra weapon while at the same time as using the extra hand card. I suppose you could put those next to the slots.

Once I've run through a few more games and tweaked it I'll post a full A4 sized image.