Friday, November 27, 2009

Brutal Legend's RTS elements

Still playing Brutal Legend and reached some of the RTS sections where you defend the stage, and draw in the fans. I can see why some people complain.
The biggest problem is if you try to play it as a pure RTS as it doesn't feature the most useful part of any RTS game - the ability to group and direct individual units. Well it does but not in an RTS way, that is from your lofty viewpoint.

Let's say you want to direct your Headbangers to knock down an enemy fortification while your Razor Girls give fire support from a distance. Trouble is your "Follow Me" and other commands work on any unit within the sound of your voice. What you have to do is touch down find the group you want and press Triangle to pick them then direct just them. Repeat with other groups.

But that means every Headbanger in that group or every Razor Girl. The only way to gain two groups of Razor Girls is either to 'request' a new group from the stage and keep it separate from the others; or to wait until some of the group split off chasing enemies and use the Triangle or voice command on them.

It's tricky, it's slow and when you've got enemies coming at you left right and centre it's simply too many balls in the air at the same time. As a result I've found I just tend to work with what I've got grouped; direct it somewhere, request a new group and kick it to a different location.

Okay off from the RTS elements and back to the what do I do problems; I'd been finding bound serpents along the way and all my speech would do is point out that they're bound, how terrible this was, and how I'd do something about it. Without telling me what to do. Turns out it's holding the guitar action for a prolonged burst; I was waiting for a specific riff.

And on one final note I've got "AngelWitch" by "AngelWitch" stuck in my head.