Saturday, August 17, 2013

Training over

A week's worth of training over and I pray to gods that the accrediting body involved has nothing to do with the education of this country's children.

"It is i--------t that employees keep their workplaces c-----"
That should be "important" and "clean" rather than "importantt" and "clean-" oh so many of those.

A whole morning being told that something is the responsibility of both employer and employee and the multiple-choice question asks who is responsible? The answer, of course, being the employer, contradicting everything in the teaching materials.

The teaching material listed three statistics regarding a subject and then had a question regarding a fourth unmentioned one.

One module explained the acronym SMARTER another related module then asked what the acronym SMART meant, the ER being suddenly deemed unimportant.

The course was also obviously designed as a company aid as we were constantly being exhorted to explain how things were done in our "company"; a little difficult in a group of the unemployed.

Amusingly the actual teaching of the course was fine, though on occasion it did rattle through a bit too quickly. In group round-robin events the next task would often be described as the last member was just finishing their turn.

That all said I did learn a few new things, just not that much, and hopefully I'll get some pretty pieces of paper out of it.