Monday, May 20, 2013

Wyre Forest Councillors attendance

The Shuttle has printed the attendance record for our district councillors, two councillors don't appear for some reason (Paul Harrison and Adrian Sewell) and there are two caveats with regard to Tracey Onslow's Maternity leave and Jim Parish's heart problem, but the figures can still be analysed without that being too much of a hindrance.

The raw figures show attendance by an individual and doing so we see only three councillors have a 100% rating - Rose Bishop (Con), Barry McFarland (Lab), and Jamie Shaw (Lab). Ignoring the exceptions cited our two lowest attendees are Stephen Clee (Con) and Nigel Knowles (Lab).

At first glance it seems fairly square, but as I've preached sometimes percentages hide things. Stephen Clee 'only' had 15 meetings to attend and managed 8; Nigel Knowles had 39 meetings to attend and made 23. Given what can happen to make one miss a meeting making 23 of 39 is more impressive than 8 of 15. It works the other way too.

Rose Bishop and Barry McFarland managed their full 45 and 40 meetings respectively Jamie Shaw managed 25 out of 25. Switching to pure number of meetings attended  Rose Bishop (Con) tops the league followed by Stephen Williams (Con) 45/49, Mike Price (Lib) 43/46 and Howard Martin (Lab) 43/55.

Combine these processes (and remove the two exceptions) and it's possible to produce a total figure for each party in terms of how many meetings they each had to attend on average, and the percentage of how many they managed. With rounding:

Con: 34 meetings each, attended 85%
ICHC: 35 meetings each, attended, 76%
Ind: 36 meetings each, attended 79%
Lab: 37 meetings each, attended 83%
Lib: 41 meetings each, attended 87%

So well done to the Liberal councillors who, on average, had the most meetings and managed to attend most of them, and queries to ICHC who had almost the least number of meetings and couldn't manage them.