Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sony's insane stance on PSN sub-accounts

If you buy a PS3 and want to buy things from their store or play online you need to set up an account. Seems obvious and it's easy, unless you're under 18.

If you are you can't create a normal account; a parent or guardian does that and then adds you on as a sub-account. As a sub-account holder you can't add money directly and they can use parental controls to restrict your actions - this is a good thing.

Until the sub-account holder hits 18, because as it stands it is impossible to upgrade a sub-account to a regular account. So what? Well the only way to get out of the shadow of sub-accounthood is to create a brand new account.

No problem there in itself except you can't transfer your sub-account to this new account either.

Say bye-bye to all your trophies

Say bye-bye to anything purchased using the sub-account

None of these things can be transferred to your new "I'm 18 now" account

It appears that in Sony's universe no-one ages.

Their unofficial advice - lie about your age. Seriously when confronted by a problem and the only response possible is to advise cheating the system I think a serious rethink of said system is in order.