Monday, April 02, 2012

Stourport's Italian Food Market

I said I'd go and so I did evidence in photo form :-) Sad to say bookended by two bright sunny gorgeous days was this miserable Saturday that always seemed threatening to rain. Had the weather been nicer I'd have expected  throngs to the riverside who would by necessity be driving straight past this market. As it was... I don't know perhaps the Easter weekend would have proven better; but then I'm sure the organisers had a bigger pitch for such a big occasion.

As it was the market was fine and the storeholders cheerful and friendly; the food looked great and tastes great too if [intake of breath] a little pricey. Treats most certainly; everyday food? Not on my budget.

I hope it picked up around lunch-time as I understand that would be the pasta making etc.

Kudos to the Civic Centre for getting this off the ground, but [sigh] I really only found out about this by accident and then did the word-of-mouth thing to get it around. If the weather had shifted to being better I'd have had some signs dropped into both of these towns to try and encourage them to pop-in. Of course if we can get this as a regular thing, last Saturday in March say, then that's worth some pushing to get Stourport known on that date to be the place to be for the Food Market.