Thursday, October 27, 2011

A near miss

Nearly rammed the back of a car in Vale Road this morning. Driving along in the third lane with no-one behind me and only the one car ahead. As we approach Mitton Close and the entrance to the car-pack they suddenly hit the brakes and start indicating to turn down it.

As always I'd left enough room to account for such sudden manoeuvres and simply slowed down to give them enough time to turn. At which point they pulled up into the turning blocking half my lane. They had stopped to pick someone up who was standing where so many stand at the entrance to the turn.

Fortunately as mentioned there was no-one behind me and just as fortunately no-one in the second lane.

I swear people don't think. Do the turn and stop a little further on, then turn around in the car-park don't just bloody stop.