Monday, June 06, 2011

Paper woes

A need has arisen to print out some invitations on the new Canon office printer; matte, A6 postcard-ish size, sturdy paper. I check the specs to see what weight it'll take... 105g/m2 that's thick paper; not good enough. However it will take up to 273g/m2 with "supported Canon special media".

Great so do they do any postcard paper? No they don't. Matte A4, Matte A3; nothing perforated, nothing below A4 that's not Glossy. Oh but they do postcard prints... complete with ink for the Selphy postcard printer. I ended up on Amazon and some DECADry perforated postcards at 200g/m2.

Might be too thick, but it's got a rear feed so it doesn't have to bend that much. If it doesn't work we're out a tenner; if it does huzzah.

Oh and I did try phoning Canon to ask, but sat in a queue for 10 minutes being told that they were busy helping other people.