Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Electricity renewal prices

You have to love the energy companies - our contract is coming up for renewal and the new prices have come in. Working it out for the same energy usage as the previous year our bill will increase by almost £2,000 a year. Yeeps!

A Utility Broker has negotiated a price with the same company for us at an increase of about £50 a year.

Oh yeah utility companies are really working for us aren't they?


Anonymous said...

As someone from the industry I believe that this points out the importance of using a broker or consultant to negotiate prices for you.

lets face it they put £1950 pounds back in your pocket!

FlipC said...

Not wanting to do your profession a disservice, but you shouldn't be needed.

With the number of providers out there all vying for business they should be throwing their offers at us.

Yet they still seem to work under the assumption that people can't be bothered to check and will just blindly accept the first offer made.

I can't really blame the companies they're businesses after all, but surely OFGEN should show an interest in this behaviour?