Monday, September 07, 2009

Watch out at Sony Centres

Yes still looking at televisions and pretty much decided on the Sony 32W5500. Took a gander at the Kidderminster Sony Centre Branch and found it listed at £749 (the W5710 model to be exact)
"You do realise that Amazon are doing it at £549?" I stated (£574 at the moment)
"Ah but you don't get the 5-year guarantee" came the reply.
"And you get the £50 trade-in from your old TV"

So a trip to Merry Hill and I pass their Sony Centre and poke my head in just to see if they've got the TV being displayed in a more favourable light -£699.

"The Kiddy branch has it at £749?"
"It's a franchise we can set our own deals, so with this one you can also get a Blu-ray player for half-price. Buy the 37" (£899) and you'll get one for free"

So I write this as a service, don't just look at your local Sony Centre check around and no you can't compare them online.

Just for fun John Lewis is offering the same model at £699 with a 5-year guarantee and unlike the Sony Centres don't expect you to cart your TV to them - they'll pick up the old one at the same time they deliver the new one. The only question is how tempting is a half-price Blu-ray player over the inconvenience of lugging my old TV up to Merry Hell?