Monday, December 08, 2008


Managed to get out Sunday morning essentially to restock on supplies and to check whether Game had the Bluetooth headset in. I parked at Crossley (in case Game drew a blank) grabbed the couple of things I needed from Sainsburys and wandered into town.

Not exactly a ghost town, but certainly less busy. Up to the Swan Centre, into Game which had a few more people in it; no headset. Over to Gamestation, no headset; I'd heard then been some problems with delivery. Back past Woolworths and its "from 50% off" signs and decided to poke my head in.

Ah so this is where everyone was. It was like an all-you-can-eat buffet for a Vulture/Hyena meet-n-greet. The amusing thing was that the things I was interested in were only 10% off and that was from the full retail price; anything else had long since left the shelves. Just to help with the discounting here they'd put up some little calculator signs for people so you'd have a list stating that:

£2.99 with 10% off £2.69
£9.99 with 10% off £8.99

Thanks for that I'm sure many a customer was curious as to whether the store was rounding up or down [cough].

Ah well I battled my way out empty handed (the length of the queues disuading me) and headed back to my car stopping by at Currys for a copy of Resistance 2 for £33 and Lego Batman at £26(?) Meh I needed something simplistic for my brain and I'd progressed so far in the other two Lego sets that the only things left were the annoying challenges. Oh and no I still couldn't find the headset anywhere.


Anonymous said...

Sorry off-topic.

Have you had a peek at the new Tesco Carpets of Worth planning application yet?

FlipC said...

You've got to be... 08/1053! How many bloody applications do they need?

Oh silly me I bet these address the concerns that the Co-op are challenging, wonder what those concerns were; don't recall them being mentioned anywhere in specific.

O yummee only 56 documents to go through to compare ;-)