Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Get them lawbreakers

One from Septicisle for the Uk and an older one from the Brad Blog for the US. Hasn't there been continuing talks about introducing tasers as standard here?


septicisle said...

Tasers are being given to officers without firearms training in 10 UK regions in a year-long trial, but it's OK as they're "broadly safe".,,2186014,00.html
That's the tasers, not the officers.

FlipC said...

I did recall a Gummer-esque incident involving a higher-up officer and a taser earlier this year; slight deja-vu as I was sure I'd seen exactly the same thing a couple of years ago.

Of course he was only shot once and by one officer, I'd like him to volunteer to be shot several times with multiple charges.

Got to love the Guardian tag-line "Study links injuries to number of shocks" wow who'd have thought that?