Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bewdley; water under the bridge

Sue has put some photos up of the rising river in Bewdley. The sky colour is down to the large hallucinogen cloud formed by the collective toking of the residents of Wyre Forest, it tends to settle in the dip and adds to the rich atmosphere that helps keep the tourists coming back; also explains the large number of cafes and other snack shops in the area. Locals have, of course, built up a strong resistance to it, but it can result in some very odd decisions when strangers come around. Rumour has it that after it was built the staff of the Inland Revenue all sat around it and exchanged comments along the lines of "Woah it's moving..." "...and melting"; residents just went "Yeuuch!"


Anonymous said...

Aha! So THAT's what it is! And here was I believing that I'd overdone the contrast on my photo! Come to think of it, your explanation is probably spot on! ;)

Hilarious start to the day - Cheers! :)

FlipC said...

You know it makes sense ;)

Anonymous said...

That explains so much about the residents of Bewdley. I'd long suspected something was amiss - such insight!