Monday, October 01, 2012

Worcestershire County Council Democracy Fail - Art Gallery

It seems that our democratically elected members at the county council are taking lessons from the democratically elected members of our district council:

Step 1: Determine a course of action
Step 2: Consult the people about said action
Step 3: Ignore the people and proceed with the original action.

Residents may recall the original destruction of the old Kidderminster Library; one silver lining was the purpose-built Gallery included in the new build. Well it seems that the price of county-wide cuts is to turn it into offices for internal council use. The process is laid out by this Green Party missive.

Allegedly the reason for this change is to allow all the offices to share a single floor; however this excuse seems to fall at the wayside when an option (option C) was presented to them that allowed for that very same condition while not removing the gallery and was rejected.

It seems they've decided what they want to do and who the hell do 'the people' think they are to suggest otherwise.

Addendum - this is of course the same course of action we can expect with regard to the hospitals. A decision has already been made; we're just currently dealing with the illusion of public discussion until they implement it as a 'fully-consulted plan'.


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