Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Crappy software assumptions

Gods I hate hardware companies that make crappy software. DaBoss has bought some bit of kit that can plug into his computer. He installs the software that allows him to record data and it keeps CLR failing which I assume is down to the NET framework.

I check the installation; I check the requirements I check the version of NET that's running using IE [javascript:alert(navigator.userAgent)] and everything should work.

I locate the executable and pull up the properties; check comparability and set it to "Run as administrator" lo and behold the software now works. Yep the software assumes you're running it with full administrator privileges something that isn't mentioned anywhere in the documentation.

It's a crappy Visual Studio templated thing anyway.


Dan H said...

It's a bit of a vicious circle. Most development tools on Windows also require administrator (or they don't work properly with UAC), so most Windows developers run as administrator all the time and/or disable UAC. The result is that the software only ever gets tested under that configuration - until a customer tries to use it.

FlipC said...

Yet when I did QA (a long time ago) procedure was to test install/uninstall under every type of user that would allow it and try to run under every type of user that would allow it. The test computer had multiple logins named for each type.

So they'd be a list of registry items and files added. I'd install it; check the list, run it, logout, login as each different user, run it. Then uninstall it, check the list. Login to a different user and try to install it and repeat.

Same procedure for server-side stuff; though in that we only had to install as an administrator and test for each user type on a linked machine so it was much quicker.