Thursday, October 04, 2012

Pink ribbon for April?

In  my newsfeed the following appeared: "Missing April: Pink Ribbon Campaign Launched". Okay first of all - why? Ribbon wearing is for a cause, either for a remembrance or to raise awareness (or both) and to raise money for that cause. Given that this sad story has dominated the news for the past week remembering or awareness isn't a problem. I also can't see the need to raise money - what for? A search that is already being undertaken by police and a large numbers of volunteers?

Secondly a pink ribbon is already 'assigned' to breast cancer. So do the parents want to use the very sad abduction of their daughter to raise awareness of breast cancer?

I'm just not getting it? It's a terrible thing to happen, but I just don't get the ribbons.


Anonymous said...

The Pink ribbon campaign day is in April aswell. Maybe thats the connection :-/

FlipC said...

Perhaps, it just seems a unusual choice to me; unless it was simply because it's pink.