Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ex-Sun editor sues police over Hillsborough

It's a piece of news you'd think to read on the Onion or the Daily Mash... oh wait. Kelvin McKenzie editor of the Sun during it's "The Truth" (which wasn't) Sun headline regarding the disaster at Hillsborough is allegedly suing the South Yorkshire Police over the "vilification" he suffered for using the information they gave him.

Apparently it seems McKenzie was unable to wait to independently confirm the police story, unlike every other newspaper; and was also incapable of believing that the police may give erroneous information, unlike every other newspaper, and is thus blaming the police for his own credulity.

So out of interest how does this play with the "profuse apologies" he gave regarding the headline? I mean - 'Hey I'm really sorry for what I did, but it turns out it wasn't my fault.' is hardly an apology is it?

Class act this one.