Thursday, September 20, 2012

XKCD - Click and Drag

The latest XKCD comic requires you to do as the title says "click and drag" the statement made regarding the world is "I just didn't expect it be so big". So how big is this world?

Stepping behind the 'magic' each scene is made of a tile 2048x2048 pixels; a person appears to be about 30 pixels in height. I'll assume that's equal to 6ft to make things easier.

There appears to be 8 tiles up and 19 tiles down; 48 East of the start and 33 West; there is no zero tile. Add Up&Down and E&W then multiply by 2048; divide by 30 and multiply by 6 to get feet and the world extends about half a mile up; one and a half miles down and is about six miles long.

Hardly any distance at all, but scroll through it and you'll probably be sharing the sentiments of the two westmost characters.