Monday, September 10, 2012

The new 2012 Doctor Who opening sequence

I was told to watch out during the new opening credits for Doctor Who for some sort of surprise. The only thing I noted was the the "Doctor Who" logo had Dalek 'bumps'. Hmm okay.

This week's episode "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship"... same logo, but with reptile skin. Ah subtle; I like it.


thomas said...

Did you see Asylum of the Daleks? I wasn't too impressed but the twist was pretty good.

FlipC said...

Yeah I saw it. The whole "Doctor Who?" ending was a bit contrived. I thought it also seemed a little rushed too. Still trying to decide if the whole "she's going to be the new companion" was a bait and switch to hide this episode's ending. Hopefully they won't pull a Martha Jones and pick up her identical cousin later.

I also thought Dinosaurs on a Spaceship didn't quite gel. I think there was just a few too many characters getting in each other's way. Not counting the Doctor we technically had 7 main speaking character;, and while that can work in something like the more cerebral "Midnight" in this episode it just work for me.

Your thoughts?

FlipC said...

Darn it Blogspot needs to add an edit function to comments. No idea what happened at the end there between me posting and it appearing.

So that end sentence should be, as you could probably guess, "it just didn't work for me."

thomas said...

Agreed, the whole Doctor Who thing was a bit... I dunno i was just like "Really..." But I am surprised they didn't do that sort of thing sooner. As for the Dinosaurs episode, i was half watching and mostly concentrating on the computer. But i wasn't really impressed with that either. Apparently the show is quite popular in America. I hate it.

But my favorite Dalek episode had to be the Cybermen vs Dalek one with David Tennant. Because i had no idea the Daleks were coming and I don't think they ruined it in the promos either.

thomas said...

Also, I have missed a lot of the newer doctor who's. Daleks have their own planet now? Are they gonna keep calling the doctor to their planet to solve A problem every series? Because they do appear every series.

And the colored Daleks ftw.

FlipC said...

I think the American audience is exerting a pull on the plot; that said it was always supposed to be for a younger audience.

As for the Daleks having their own planet if you haven't already check out Tom Baker's "Genesis of the Daleks". The Daleks have always had their own planet - Skaro.

Excepting Tom Baker's perhaps my favourite Dalek episodes were Sylvester McCoy's "Remembrance of the Daleks" perhaps a little heavy-handed with the social message, but again pitched correctly for younger viewers.

thomas said...

I thought they lost it in the time war or something along those lines.

thomas said...

I have genesis of the daleks on dvd.

FlipC said...

Strictly speaking they lost it prior to the Time War, but then the Time War was one giant RetCon to allow them to do what they like; also time travel. Quite possible to visit Skaro during the Kaled war ;-)

So Gunslinger; thoughts?