Monday, September 17, 2012

Ryanair - One pilot newspaper advert

I caught the bright blue advert in my paper with a cartoon pilot standing next to the words

One pilot flights will save you money
Trains don't need 2 drivers! so why do planes?
If we cut 1 pilot all fares will fall by up to £10.
Wow, I mean wow seriously. Okay it's posed as a question so here's the answer that popped into my head the moment I read it: -

Because if something happens to the driver of a train it will slow down and stop

Oddly enough the same can't be said regarding a plane. Gee though if it will save me a tenner [sigh]. Fortunately it seems this is just a publicity stunt and a strange one at that. Either Ryanair are highlighting the need for two pilots (unlike trains) inadvertently pointing out why they need two pilots due to the risk; or they're stating that they're prepared to risk your lives in order to save you some dosh.