Thursday, August 02, 2012

Apple error 3259

Okay I'm getting sick of this. DaBoss' phone is on the blink and I'm trying to do a restore. However to do so requires a download of the latest OS 700+Mb worth. It manages 500 odd and then fails with a 3259 error. Checking with Apple and I reach this page. Checking online and everyone either repeats or points to this page.

It's crap.

For those not au fait with computers here's why.

Imagine you're buying 700m of cable, but it needs to be wound up on a drum on the back of your truck. You back up to the store they hand you the first bit and you start reeling it in. 500m later you reach the end.

The retailers advice.

1) Did you go to the right window for cable?
2) Is your drum working?
3) Does your drum accept this type of cable?

See none of those things can be at fault because I've already got 500m/Mb of my cable/download. If any of those weren't working I wouldn't have even been able to start receiving anything. I see uploaded photos of people downloading music with one single 3259 error in the middle of it and people still point them to this 'solution' because it contains the magic number 3259 and well duh don't you know how to Google it's the first result.

The fact that they're receiving means there's nothing wrong with the settings they use to receive which is what this solution is telling them to check.

I mean sure if you can't get anything then it's worth checking these out, but that's not the case with me and not the case with the forums posters I looked at who were having the same problem.

Possible Solution - I restarted iTunes. Yeah that dumb.

Oh and everytime it failed it deleted the file and had to start from scratch. Seriously my Acorn Electron had better error-correction than that.