Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dream of Skyrim, Bond, and Silent Hill

I woke up in the middle of the night out of this strange dream and decided to write it down with my mobile instantly. It's so easy to either forget or start editing afterwards ann I wanted the raw weirdness. So here it is.

I'm searching a combined residential and office with a group of suits and an old school friend called Simon.

I've had to crawl down a grate which led to a narrow corridor which I was worried I was going to get stuck in and forced open a sliding door to a room filled with junk and decided to call it all off and head back.

One suit leaves to fetch the car when Simon states we should check the offices. The suits ignore him they've been doing so from the start and it's annoying him. I repeat what he said and they agree we move off.

We approach the front of the building with no contact and can hear the car being started so I order us to fall back. Our point man fails to return and Simon had disappeared so just me and one other suit making our way back.

There's a women with long blonde hair sitting at a table with her back to us. I signal the other suit to take her out and he shoots her. Rather than fall she lurches up and attacks him. I'm not in a position to assist so I call him back turns out his name is Delgardo.

The women is flayed just muscle and blood. Delgardo is still shooting her but it has no effect. I can't hit here without hitting him so I'm repositioning myself for a clearer shot.

She reaches him as I move around and now he's the same as here. Now I'm running and ahead is another person more Marvel Thing shaped, but smooth like plasticine. It charges at me with the girl and what was Delgardo in pursuit. I shot at their legs to slow them down, but when I have to reload they all catch up. Another Thing is ahead I swerve into another corridor. I'm trying to watch them and not bash into any walls, but hit one anyway.

The Things and Delgardo are holding back but the women who now looks like a women tells me I should be more careful in our apartment. "Our apartment" I ask as I come to a halt.
"Yes silly" she replies before smiling and approaching closer
Oh yeah it is our apartment why didn't I recognise it? Then I realise she's stadning right next to me and...

I wake u

Okay deconstruction. So the Skyrim I've been playing, I've just re-watched the two Daniel Craig Bond's. I'd like to say the Thing came from Planetary but it was this dream that made me pick that up again; the flayed stuff I bet came from Silent Hill which I think must just lurk around back there as a constant presence.

How all that jumbled around and came out like this I don't know, but if someone's interested in a horror scene for their book/film/play feel free to contact me :-)